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Welcome to my website..... allow me to introduce myself. If we are going to connect I feel it is important you know a little bit about me.

What is the usual response when someone asks who you are? It is easy to say I am a single mum of two boys but that's just a label, that's not who I am.  

I am on a mission to empower people who are 100% committed to change their life, grow, evolve, take action and become the best version of themselves.

It wasn't always this way...

I was married for 17 years and my world fell apart when my marriage ended. Everything I knew, my safety, my security, my life turned upside down.


I put all my time and energy into being a wife and a mum that I forgot about myself in the process and who I was. I was in a mum slumber and living life day by day and not feeling alive. I did not even realise this until my boys went to their dads. I had time on my own and who the hell was I? I was going through the motions of life not feeling fulfilled and content with who I was. What brought me joy? What lit me up? I had no clue. 


They say when your life turns upside down its the perfect time to embark on a personal growth journey. My life transformed when I started to look at life with a different lens and focused my time and energy on me and committed to personal growth and my world shifted. 


Finding myself again, learning to love myself and knowing my self worth changed the game. I believe the best relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself. 

I am a true believer that events and situations that occur in your life happen FOR you and not TO you.


I am a trained Neuro Linguistic Programming    (NLP) Coach & Practitioner, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ™, Practitioner of Hypnosis,  Certified Conscious Uncoupling  coach, Empowerment Coach and Counsellor.. 


Contact Me

Paulina Young

I love connecting with people and would love to hear from you. I offer a 30 minute free Soul Session to understand your needs and how I can support you. Calendly booking link below.


Click on the Soul Session 30 minutes arrow and the session time availability will appear underneath. 


Telephone: 0438 454 705

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