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Conscious Uncoupling:
5 Steps to Living Happily Even After

“Bitter endings to love relationships can ravage every aspect of your life. It can often feel like your whole world has shattered, and you’re not even sure where all the pieces are to try to put it back together.” Katherine Woodward Thomas

Break ups suck, they can range from a head on collision and if you were the one who was left or you left someone it is still traumatic. Having gone through my own heartbreak after my 17 year marriage ended and navigating my way through the Conscious Uncoupling ™ process what better skills to have someone who has lived through it and come out the other side. 

If you're in the midst of a painful breakup or divorce or still suffering with unresolved grief over a past breakup, the ground breaking Conscious Uncoupling ™ process, created by marriage and family therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas can lead you from heartache to wholeness in 5 simple and highly transformative steps. 

Frequently asked questions

What is conscious uncoupling?
Do you have to do the process with your former partner?

Each step has a specific focus. A copy of the book is provided as part of the coaching and you are required to read through each step as you are being coached. There are six sessions and the first one is an introduction session: 

Step one: Find emotional freedom

Step two: Reclaim your power and your life 

Step three: Break the pattern and heal your heart 

Step four: Become a love alchemist 

Step five: Create your happily even after life

The Conscious Uncoupling Coaching (CUC) is a process you do on your own, if your former partner wants to do the CUC they can source another CUC coach to go through the process. It doesn't matter if your former partner doesn't do it, I went through the CUC on my own and the process involves self reflection and inner work. The CUC is about taking self responsibility and focusing on you and what you can control. 

Who is the CUC for?

The CUC process is for anyone who likes to take responsibility and accountability and is emotionally aware and can self reflect. The CUC process is for anyone who wants to create a positive future and isn't afraid to dive deep within and make changes to their new future. 

I am already seeing a therapist

That's great news you have support, we can't be expected to go through this alone.  Sometimes therapy can only get you so far and as the CUC is transformational coaching it is future focused. It is a structured 5 step process. You can do the CUC while seeing a therapist, it is advised you let them know and we can work alongside each other. 

Can't I just read the book? 

Yes you can read the book and you will get a lot from it but do you remember reading a book and forgetting the content? The coaching process helps you to integrate it. Awareness is good but actually integrating the coaching into your life is where the power of transformation begins. As your coach I guide you through each step and you are accountable to me. 

How are the coaching calls carried out?

I can connect with anyone from around the world and I offer the coaching via video conference, teleconference or face to face. 

How long does the Conscious Uncoupling process go for?

There are six steps as the first session is an introduction session. The usual format is weekly, hourly coaching calls and will take 6 weeks. The coaching sessions can be personalised to suit your needs and best to have the steps completed no later than three months. You may want longer time with each step and some of my clients like two weeks to complete a step.

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