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NLP Coaching & Interventions

What is NLP? 
Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a personal development tool that is designed to support people in many aspects of their lives.

NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes and goals and create the change we crave. 

NLP teaches us how changing the way we perceive the world can lead us to adjust and adapt our behaviours in order to live the life we dream of. 

NLP encourages you to transform limiting self-beliefs and move out of your comfort zones.

NLP teaches you how to reframe your current beliefs by applying different meaning to behaviours, situations in life and also to new beliefs that you would like to have. 

It can create a very powerful change in how you view the world and how you deal with difficulties in life.

NLP Interventions 

There are many powerful interventions NLP can offer that are instant and quick. 

Anchoring: Would you like a button that makes you feel good? To shake out the mehness you are in or help you concentrate? Anchoring can assist you in gaining access to past states and linking the past states to the present and the future. 

Swish Patterns: creating momentum toward a compelling future it installs choices for a new way of life rather than to change of remove old habits. Swap an unwanted state or behaviour for one you would prefer. Got a bad habit? Biting nails, playing with hair or find you get frustrated or irritated easily, a swish pattern can support you. 

Like to Dislike: is there a certain food or drink you have way too much of and want to stop?  This intervention is for you. 

Parts Integration: is inner conflict weighing you down? This intervention creates harmony between parts of your unconscious mind so you can become more congruent and feel empowered.  We can have many inner conflicts with our heart vs mind and this process allows you to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  

Time Line Therapy  (TLT)™: provides one of the most powerful processes and techniques for personal change and growth by facilitating the elimination of the painful emotions attached to memories or events in the past.  TLT also focuses on what we can learn from those events and use what we learn as a resource for the future.


TLT also enables you to clear limiting beliefs (e.g I’m not good enough, I am not worthy) that can leave you stuck in the past and stop you from creating what you want in your life. Both unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs influence every area of our lives. 

One of the many advantages of TLT is that it enables you to release chains of an emotion rather than one at a time as most other emotional release techniques do. For example, if you have anger issues, TLT facilitates the releasing and clearing of all anger from the past and not just the anger attached to a particular event. In other words, anger is released from its roots.  It is only the negative emotions attached to the memories that are cleared in TLT.

Hypnosis: can make a person open and remove the barrier of the conscious mind. Hypnosis can help you change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. It can improves the success of other treatments for many conditions, which includes:

  • Phobias,

  • Fears

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Weight management

  • Stopping smoking 

  • Overcoming bad habits

Weight Management Intervention: if you have tried to lose weight and not had any luck or perhaps you have put the weight back on then this intervention may be just what you are looking for. This is done over four to five sessions and you will have accountability, support and get to the root cause of the issue.  Powerful interventions are done over these sessions which include Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Parts Integration. The sessions involves clearing all negative emotions and limiting belief's that prevent you from losing weight, focusing on what you want and taking action.

Quit Smoking Interventions: have you tried to give up smoking and then started again? How much money do you spend a year on smoking? This process is done over four sessions with powerful interventions to create lasting change. Is it time to become a non-smoker and eliminate the habit? 

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