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Conscious Uncoupling Coaching
Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

We go from soul mate to soul hate after a relationship ends and it's not uncommon to wonder 'will I ever get through this?'. If the break up is recent or years ago, the pain is REAL. Time doesn't heal,  we do. You may be wondering what conscious uncoupling is and how it can help you to get over a break up or divorce.  Conscious Uncoupling  is transformational coaching which is future focused and is a five step process. You will:

  • Learn a conscious and honourable way to uncouple from your former partner;

  • Experience a reprieve from breakup trauma and overwhelming heart pain;

  • Rediscover your own worthiness to love and be loved;

  • Be set free from festering resentment;

  • Be empowered to evolve beyond any habitual disappointing patterns in love;

  • Awaken to your power to create happier and healthier patterns in love moving forward.

I went through the Conscious Uncoupling  process on my own when my 17 year marriage ended.   The Conscious Uncoupling  five step process left me feeling empowered, evolved and allowed me to look at the end of a relationship in a more kinder and gentle way for everyone involved.    To see the ripple effect on my children,  friends and family was profound because they could see there can be a different way to separate. 

A podcast is available where I share my story about my separation and how the Conscious Uncoupling helped me move forward. The podcast is called Divorce with Heart & Conscious co-parenting. Episode #8. Divorce with Heart and Conscious Co-Parenting Episode #8





Interview: Sharing the story of the end of my marriage and how it became the catalyst for me to thrive.

Empowerment Coaching 

They say nothing changes if nothing changes. If you want a different result it requires you to do something differently. Once we have a strong sense of self and know who we are from the inside out our external world shift. You have to be willing to see your blocks and blind spots and be aware that something needs to change, this gives you the choice to take action and say HELL YES. 


Who is this for?

  • you feel stuck in a rut

  • you forgotten who you are

  • you are running on empty

  • you have lost direction 

  • you feel lost

  • you feel broken

  • you want to feel alive again

  • you want to reclaim your life

  • you want to have a stronger sense of self and know your worth 

  • you are attracting the wrong type of man and sick of the dating scene

I have so many amazing tools to be able to support you to find yourself and please remember you are not broken, you are whole, complete but not finished.  

Transitional Coaching
Group Coaching Programs 

Stay tuned for my upcoming Online Group Coaching Programs for women.

It Starts With You: A coaching program designed to come back to you, to know thyself and love thyself. The best relationship you can have starts with you. 

Dating with Intention: this coaching program is for women who have been in a long term relationship and are now single and ready to meet their person and to be intentional when you put yourself out there. Clearing out the closets and starting with a refresh and reset to attract quality men and to have positive experiences on the dating scene. 


They say a problem shared is a problem halved and you can never underestimate the power of talking to someone and sharing your thoughts and feelings.  


I believe that everybody has the answers within themselves, and I can help you to come to your own decisions by exploring difficulties which may include stressful or emotional feelings, which can sometimes cloud your perception of reality. 


The act of helping you to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point can enable you to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour, with a goal to facilitating positive change in your life. I offer counselling face to face or via video conference or teleconference.

NLP Coaching 

I have a separate page for all information on NLP coaching and the interventions that can support you. 

Walking Counselling
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